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Frequently Asked Questions

MXD Medical Alarm
  • Can someone hear me through the MXD console all the time?
    • No. The MXD system connects to the phone line for voice and sound only when activated by you.
  • Will MXD increase my telephone bill?
    • No. The MXD system uses a toll free number to connect the emergency operator to you.
  • What if I push the button by mistake?
    • Not a problem. If you reset the system while the unit is calling nothing happens. If the call is completed just tell the operator that you do not have an emergency. The operators will be very understanding.
  • Can I wear the pendant in the shower or bathtub?
    • Yes. The pendant is waterproof and you should wear it when you can for your protection.
  • What is the range of the MXD pendant?
    • The pendant has a range of 600-1000 feet. It should work anywhere in your house. The MXD has an amplified speacker and microphone and you should be able to talk and listen to the operator from any room in your home.
  • Will MXD work when the power goes out?
    • Yes. The MDD will operate up to 80 hours on internal standby batteries. The batteries are automatically recharged when the power returns.
  • How long will the batteries in the pendant last?
    • The pendant batteries have an expected life of 5 year operations.
  • How does the monitoring station know that the MXD is working?
    • The unit is set to send signals to the monitoring station in case of a low console battery, low transmitter battery, or power failure. The MXD will also send "Check In" signals to the monitoring station on a periodic basis to verify that the telephone system and MXD are working.

  • Can I take the MXD with me if I move?
    • Yes. Just notify us to make the arrangements.

Impassa Security System  
  • How do I turn the system on or off?
    • When you leave your house, simply press and hold the Away button. You will now have 45 seconds to exit your home. When you return home, simply type in your 4-digit access code and the system will turn off.
  • What happens if there is a false alarm?
    • When we install your system we will ask you to come up with a password that you can easily remember, which we will give to the monitoring station. In the event of an alarm, the monitoring station will call you on the phone. Simply tell the operator that you set the system off by accident. You will be asked for your password, to confirm that you are indeed the subscriber.

  • Does the Impassa have a battery backup if the power goes out?
    • Yes, the Impassa has a 24-hour battery backup in case of a power outage.

  • Can I have more than one user code?
    • Yes. The Impassa system supports up to 17 user codes.

  • I don't have a landline phone, only a cell phone. Can I still get a monitored system?
    • Yes. The Impassa system does support cellular communication. However, there is an additional charge for equipment and a higher monthly charge for ceullar monitoring. Call us for more information.
  • I have a large home and want to protect every door and window. How many zones can the Impassa cover?
    • The Impassa system supports up to 64 zones, which can consist of door/window sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, glass break detectors, and more. The Impassa also supports up to 16 on/off remotes, which do not take up one of the 64 zone slots.

CCTV Camera Surveillance  
  • Are my cameras recording all the time? How long do the cameras record before the DVR is full?
    • We typically set the cameras so they record 24 hours a day at a slow frame-rate. The DVR has built-in motion detection. When motion is detected on a camera, the DVR will record the camera at a higher frame-rate and quality, resulting in a better quality image. Using this method, we typically give customers around 30 days of recording time.
  • Do I have to change tapes / hard drives when the recording is full?
    • No. The DVR records on a hard drive like you have in your computer. When the DVR is full, the system automatically records over itself from the beginning. So at anytime, you will have the last 30 days or so of recording from the current date that you can view.

  • What happens if there is an incident I wish to save or turn over to the police?
    • If a break-in or other incident happens, you can back up video to a USB flash drive. We are glad to provide assistance to our customers in backing up their video, just give us a call!

  • What is required to view my cameras on my cellphone? Is there a monthly charge?
    • If you have internet in your home (cable or DSL) and a smartphone, you have everything required for remote viewing. There is no monthly charge for remote viewing. Simply download a free app to your phone, which we will set up for you.

  • How many cameras will your DVRs support?
    • Each model of DVR supports a maximum number of cameras. Our DVRs come in the following configurations: 4 cameras, 8 cameras, 16 cameras, and 32 cameras.
  • Are the cameras weatherproof?
    • Yes, our cameras are IP66 rated for outstanding protection in harsh outdoor environments.

  • Do you offer hidden cameras?
    • Yes. We offer cameras that can are disguised as smoke or motion detectors, along with cameras small enough they they can be hidden anywhere. Whatever your situation, we will find a way to accomplish your goal.
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