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Questions & Answers

  • Can someone hear me through the Smartwave console all the time?

    • No. The Smartwave system connects to the phone line for voice and sound only when activated by you.

  • Will Smartwave increase my telephone bill?

    • No. The Smartwave system uses a toll free number to connect the emergency operator to you.

  • What if I push the button by mistake?

    • Not a problem. If you reset the system while the unit is calling nothing happens. If the call is completed just tell the operator that you do not have an emergency. The operators will be very understanding.

  • Can I wear the pendant in the shower?

    • Yes. The pendant is waterproof and you should wear it when you can for your protection.

  • Will Smartwave work when the power goes out?

    • Yes. The Smartwave will operate from 8 to 20 hours on internal standby batteries. The batteries are automatically recharged when the power returns.

  • How long will the batteries in the pendant last?

    • The pendant batteries have an expected life of 10 years or 50,000 operations.

  • How does the monitoring station know that the Smartwave is working?

    • The unit is usually set to send signals to the monitoring station in case of a low console battery, low transmitter battery, or power failure of more than 2 hours. The Smartwave can also send "Check In" signals to the monitoring station on a periodic basis to verify that the telephone system and Smartwave are working.

  • Does the Smartwave have safety approvals?

    • Yes. The Smartwave Communicator and Pendant are ETL listed to UL1637/1635 for Home Healthcare.

  • Can I take the Smartwave with me if I move?

    • Yes. Just notify us to make the arrangements.

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